Did you know?

There are many interesting facts about Nativ products that make all the difference when it comes to quality, practicality, and flavor. Get to know more about it!

Did you know that fish meat:

- does not have cholesterol?
- has a greater quantity of unsaturated (good for your health) fats?
- has a high level of minerals?
- has a 9% faster digestibility than red meat?

Did you know that Nativ products do not have a mud aftertaste?

A mud aftertaste that is characteristic of many freshwater fish does not actually come from the fish's contact with muddy waters as you would tend to expect. In reality it comes from fungus (bacteria) that is present in nature and that attaches itself to the vegetation along the rivers and ponds and gives the fish this unpleasant mud aftertaste. To avoid this unpleasant taste, Nativ runs water quality tests every day in order to detect the problem in its initial stage and this way take all the preventive measures needed to ensure the absence of this unpleasant taste.

Did you know that Nativ products have up to 2% of the presence of bones?

The Nativ Surubim and Amazon Pintado fillets do not naturally have bones. The Tambaqui has two layers of bones in "Y" that are manually removed. Despite extreme care on the part of our production personnel, it is still possible that some bones get through our quality control.

Did you know that there is not too much water in Nativ products?

Our freezing process is called I.Q.F. or Individual Quick Frozen, but after this process the products undergo a special coating of freezing water spray (maximum 4%, despite the legislation in Brazil allow for 10%) to create a bacterial protective plate in order to ensure total food safety.

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